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American Male | Neutral English | Range 30-60 | Non Union

Voice Description

Genuinely Human  • Friendly • Trustworthy • Authoritative • Relaxed • Cheerful • Guy Next Door • Clear • Caring • Calm

Industry Niches

• Commercial

• Explainer

• Telephony


• Documentary

• Corporate

• Technical

I'm J. Christopher (Chris) and I have a friendly, warm, and trustworthy vocal delivery that will compliment your words, from narration to commercial.

Looking for a professional, confident, good-natured, and genuinely human voice actor?  I'll happily meet or exceed your expectations!

Based in the Seattle area (Whidbey Island), I'm an American voice actor with several years experience producing and voicing commercials, as well as providing character voices to radio dramas and stage performances.

For over a decade, I was in the corporate world as a Software Test Engineer at Microsoft and as a Web Editor at Amazon.com. Combining technology and copywriting skills with voice acting, I deliver voice overs and narration that sound confident and experienced. International clients use me to edit translated scripts so they read and sound more conversational and natural to an English speaking audience. I excel at understanding client needs, welcome direction and deliver ready to use audio.

My versatile vocal range is suitable for narration, commercial, character, and telephony projects. I'm comfortable creating voice overs for a wide variety of audiences and capable of quickly evaluating your script then creating a voiceover that will give life to your project.

Acoustically Designed Personal Studio

• Blue Bluebird Mic

• T.C. Electronic Audio Interface

• Mackie 5 Studio Monitors

• Sennheiser HD 280 Headphones

• iMac Audio Workstation

• MP3, WAV or other formats

• Delivered by secure download                                   

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